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Cascio Di Boerio

Cascio Di Boerio

Cascio Di Boerio

Don Morto
Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (C)(C)(I)
Game Text:
Conspirator. Criminal.
Toughness +1.

Other characters you control committed to a conspiracy gain +1 skill.

Characters your opponents control committed to a conspiracy get -1 skill.
Flavor Text: His mind alone was worth any ten able-bodied dullards.
Set: TiV
Number: 45
Illustrator: Chris Rallis


I think Cascio would be great at conspiracies that depend upon succeeding at the skill check (such as Before the Fast). You'll almost always succeed and reap the conspiracy's benefits, and your opponent usually won't. Outside of that specific case however, I don't see Cascio competing with the wealth of awesome 3-drops that Syndicate has to offer.

Through tweaking my decks, I think I was wrong in my critique above.  In the right deck, Cascio is a boss, and I admit I missed his potential before.


He obviously is great with Mr. David Pan, but I really like him when he's teamed up with Yog too.  Put two success tokens on De Vermis Mysteriis to give all characters -2 skill, then basically own skill struggles at your conspiracy.  Yog also offers Summon Spectral Hunter, which makes it even more dangerous for opposing characters to go to a conspiracy.  I'm currently trying Cascio out with Negotium which, combined with De Vermis, means I won't even have to go to Negotium to defend it.  And if my opponent actually wants to stop me from succeeding at Negotium with, say, my Tenebrous Nightgaunt, he's going to have bring the house.  (Somehow, ol' Tenebris seems like the perfect home for a Tenebrous Nightgaunt.)


So, sorry about that, Cascio.  You're a pretty swell guy.

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