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Cunning Mascheraro

Cunning Mascheraro

Cunning Mascheraro

Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 1 Skill: 0 Icons: (T)
Game Text:
Conspirator. Artist.
Cunning Mascheraro counts its icons at each conspiracy card in play.
Flavor Text: As his masks spread through the city, his network of unwitting spies grew.
Set: TiV
Number: 14
Illustrator: Bryce Cook


I heard some bad things about this card. But running conspiracies and then putting an icon boosting attachment on him seems pretty cool. It does not say printed icons

The thing is, unless both you and your opponent are running conspiracies, it limits how often his ability will happen, if at all. Whereas a more reliable 1 cost character brings more to the table.

Another reason why I like conspiracies that doesn't have terror struggles...

Would he win you terror struggles (for the purposes of Hastur, Drawing the Sign, etc.) if no one is committed to the conspiracy? In other words, does a terror struggle occur at a conspiracy if no one's committed there, but you have CM on the board? I'm thinking CM would still win me some cheap Terror struggles in this way, but maybe I'm wrong.
Jan 02 2016 03:19 PM

Struggles only occur at a story if the active player has someone there at the start of story resolution.

Okay, thanks
I find it strange that Cunning Mascheraro is a Hastur card, yet the Hastur faction has a total of zero Masks to its credit. Not only is the Mascheraro a bad card, he's also behind on his mask making. Zero skill indeed.
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