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Dark Rebirth

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Dark Rebirth

Dark Rebirth

Type: Event Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 3
Game Text:
Play only if it is Night.
Action: Choose a non-Ancient One subtype and search your discard pile for any number of character cards that have that subtype. Put those characters into play.
Flavor Text: For each one put down, a new one sprung up...
Set: TiV
Number: 37
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak


Nice. It's a flexible Mi-Go Dreams. It could have easily cost 4, but the Night and loyal restrictions keep it in line.
Stack your deck in favour of two primary subtypes, and you'll be laughing.

Nice combo with Untimely Burial.

Either to pull some extra characters out early, or in the mid-to-late game for a whitewash of doom from the graveyard! Muahaha.

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