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Death Comes for All

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Death Comes for All

Death Comes for All

Type: Conspiracy Faction: Neutral
Struggle Icons:
Game Text:
All characters committed to this conspiracy lose all Toughness and Invulnerability. After this conspiracy card is won each player must wound each character he controls not committed to this conspiracy.
Set: TiV
Number: 25
Illustrator: Cristina Vela


"Must"? Is this an exception to the rule that the winner of the story/conspiracy elects whether the effect takes place?
Looks like it, yup.
Seems like it is a passive effect of the conspiracy triggering before the normal story effect (which then would be a blank on this one).
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So, if you built a deck around this card, what else would you want to include?


ETA: I mean, the more skulls the merrier, of course. But beyond Halflings of Dhaz, what would excel? I suppose Agency would be good, especially with 3x Shadow Team.

Oct 05 2015 08:17 PM
I'd include characters that can cheat success tokens onto stories. I'd want to win the story while my opponent had no characters committed.
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So this card is kind of odd, because after a story card is won all characters become uncommitted. Poor wording aside, this card just doesn't seem good enough for me to actually want to play it. You have to send the house to it if you're about to win it and don't want to get hit with the wounds. You'd want toughness or invulnerability to get around this, but those things are then blanked by the conspiracy if you commit. I just don't see much upside.

So this card is kind of odd, because after a story card is won all characters become uncommitted. 


I'm 99% sure that's not true, having looked up this issue particularly in the rules and FAQ, and having just revisited them in reaction to your comment. Characters don't become uncommitted until after all stories are resolved, and then there is a window for actions before the simultaneous uncommitment of all characters, followed by the "End of Turn" phase during which play passes to the next player.


ETA: There are other story cards that are worded this way, too. The 9th Plague, for instance.

Houngan Seydou, Kidnapping 101, and Striking Tentacle could all be ways to make sure that your opponent has uncommitted characters to wound when the story is won.

Characters that can forbid commitment by selected opposing characters could also be handy: Stealthy Byakhee, Feathery Watchers, Government Exorcist, and the like.

When I saw this thread, I decided to create an account, so I could post here.  I feel like the 2 star rating for this card is ridiculous.


The way I'm using this card is in an Agency Hunter/Investigator deck.  I don't focus on the "win effect" of this story so much as I do on the Toughness/Invulnerability canceling effect.  That's a pretty awesome effect.


Pair this conspiracy with Relentless Hunter (for even more combat), Deep Undercover (win the story quickly and wound everyone if the opponent won't meet you at the story), Shotgun (duh), and especially Flush Them Out (suck all your opponent's characters right into the story they don't want to go to).  


Forget the win effect.  Use it for slaughtering your opponent's Tough and Invulnerable characters!

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Hi, Track8, and welcome!


After the posts above, I went and worked up a deck centered on this card, calling it The Salmon Mousse. I went with Agency and Hastur, and I totally agree with you about Relentless Hunter.

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Just realized that I said Deep Undercover works well with this conspiracy.  I meant to say Under Surveillance, not Deep Undercover (although Deep Undercover is a good card too!).

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