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Early Start

Early Start

Early Start

Type: Event Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 3
Game Text:
Play only before or after all players have committed characters to stories.

Action: If it is Day, ready all characters in play.

Action: If it is Night, exhaust all characters in play.
Flavor Text: Early to bed, early to rise.
Set: TiV
Number: 50
Illustrator: Ilich Henriquez


so the only Action window where this card can't be played is the 2nd in the story phase, after the active player has commited his characters, but the opponent hasn't commited his.
haha it'd be pretty good otherwise
Yeah, I don't think was intended to be a better non-Loyal version of Panic :)

It seems like it can either stall for a turn (Night), or it can re-ready your exhausted guys for defense (Day). Of the two, the Day effect seems better but I don't know that it's likely to be worth 3 with a conditional. However, since you have access to BOTH effects with Gold Pocket Watch that may make it more useful than it initially looks.

Props for the straight razor in the art though, I love mine even if I often don't have time and have to "cheat" and use a cartridge razor.
I think exhausting all characters in opponents turn, so they don't commit, and remember - your characters will ready in your refresh, opponents will not, it can give you some uncontested stories and can win the game.

Readying characters IMO makes more sense with some kind of "exhaust to do X" mechanics, just defending seems extremely expensive, better put opponents guys to sleep.
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Like Zephyr said, firing this off in the Night mode is often times even better than Panic! A Hastur / Syndicate deck sure could lower some skill with the ready all characters ability during Day as well, which could be more useful if you want to win that story now. With the ability to control if it is Night or Day Syndicate could very easily get to chose which mode is active as well.
it is nice to have a card(s) that can do something for both Night and Day, thus being able to act. Especially if you reacting to the meta.

This could be really nice with unending festivities conspiracy and cards that make you ready or able to commit to stories while exhausted. Syndicate has several of these.

Yeah, FuneXMix, I can see that. I wonder if Amaranth would be helpful in this situation, or pose too much of a risk in speeding through Unending Festivities.

Well, considering I'm not even a fan of Panic! I have never considered to put this card in a deck. Since it costs 3, it should have a really amazing effect that can turn the tides in a game. Does it do that? I don't think so.

It was in a 'Conspiracy Tournament' using only Terror in Venice (to encourage new players with a limited cardpool), but Early Start won me the championship game!


Early Start for the Win

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