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Elisabetta Magro

Elisabetta Magro

Elisabetta Magro

High Servant of the Order
Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 4 Icons: (C)(A)
Game Text:
Conspirator. Lodge.
Fated 4.
If there is a conspiracy card in play Elisabetta Magro gains, "Response: After a player succeeds at a story, each player chooses a character he controls committed to that story and returns it to its owner's hand, if able. Then, place a success token on Elisabetta Magro."
Set: TiV
Number: 39
Illustrator: Sebastian Giacobino


Wow, is this intended or needs immediate errata.
If opponent goes to the story alone, he will get his character back, and because controller failed to return character to hand Elisabetta doesn't even get the token... at least that how Feral Elder Thing (LR) got ruled, and this wording is similar.

Quite nice boost for ST lodge, IMO much needed though.
Same goes for yourself, so it could backfire somewhat.
Not really, its normal response so i trigger it only if i want to.
Missed that, which makes her much more useful. Still, to use her ability you need to not block your opponent, which rarely is a good idea, plus it is not like your opponent won't see it coming.
You could just block with a smaller character than them and use her ability to gain a relative advantage. They lose a bigger guy, you lose a smaller one.
Twilight often want to return their own characters to hand anyhow.
True, and since this is a Response and not a Forced Response, it's more controllable than something like Knight of the Outer Void (TOotST). Still, you have to allow your opponent to succeed so there is some cost unless you're confident they won't win the story anyway.

...Elisabetta doesn't even get the token... at least that how Feral Elder Thing (LR) got ruled, and this wording is similar.

Yep, you're right - for anyone interested, it's pages 10&11 in the current FAQ. States it pretty clearly.
Its not like you want to use this ability and aim to lose stories IMO. But whenever you lose at story and opponent has better character to move to hand you can trigger her. Especialy if opponent manages to do uncontested he'll have to pay quite a price and you get to hurt him for free.

She sounds like a primary target for destruction/control cards to me.

And with Master of the Myths (IT) as a blocker you'd get him to hand anyway,and if opponent gets through he gets one character to hand. Sounds really nice IMO.

And if you win, but opponents weakest blocker is stronger than your weakest char you can also trigger it. Or return your own uncontested guy if he has nice play/enters play ability. There are some nice tricks to use sometimes.

The main point its the ability can be powerfull, and is completely free - no domains, no cards, only fate 4 as a limit, and it's not that bif of a limit IMO.

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