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Fleeting Guise

Fleeting Guise

Fleeting Guise

Type: Event Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Choose a character you control. Until the end of the phase, that character becomes a printed copy of a chosen non-unique character card in play.
Flavor Text: "It seems I ddi you a favor, ole sot. No need to thank me."
Set: TiV
Number: 55
Illustrator: Ilich Henriquez



When I use Fleeting Guise (Terror in Venice F55) to “choose a character” is the chosen character considered to be a targeted character, even though it doesn’t use the word target?
Yes, all tenses of the word choose (choose, chooses, chose, or chosen) are indicators of targeting.

Dose it works on an insane character?

Jul 15 2015 02:39 AM
I believe you could target an insane character with this effect; however, even if it becomes a printed copy of another character, it is still 'insane' - and, while insane, loses all the printed icons, skill, cost, subtypes, text box, and faction of the copied character.
When you only have one Bringer of Fire, use Fleeting Guise to make another!
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As long as you're using Fleeting Guise to multiply characters, you might consider including Doppelgangers to give yourself a near-guarantee.

Agreed, Carthoris, if you're okay using your Restricted slot with Doppelganger.  In the deck I'm using Fleeting Guise, I have Josef Meiger.

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