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Flooded Vault

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Flooded Vault

Flooded Vault

Type: Support Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Action: Sacrifice Flooded Vault to search your deck for a non-Location support card. Then, pay its printed cost and put it into play, if able. Then, shuffle your deck.
Flavor Text: The air in the vault was dank and the steps covered in slimy moss. What treasures lay in its watery depths?
Set: TiV
Number: 10
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak


This should be able to find some nasty supports for a reasonable price. Most tutors are vastly overpriced or limited to the number of cards you can search. Not when it has a green border though! :rolleyes:
Being able to pay for it in advance is nice, but then counterbalanced by being vulnerable to support destruction. Then again, most support destruction costs more than what you paid for this card so you still come out OK... Sure to be a useful card and enables a bit more of a toolboxy approach which I approve of.
So what happens if you trigger this with no domain available to pay for the searched card? It sounds like if you have the available domain, you need to pay for it. If not, does it go into your hand?
I think it is shuffled back into deck, the wording kinda misses this case IMO.

Searching for your
Khopesh of the Abyss (TSS) or
The Necronomicon: Owlswick Translation (TUP)
after opponents operations phase, so most support destruction will not hit it, sounds like a plan :)
and if opponent does destroy it one support destruction card less, for not that big of a price
What I find scary is that this can tutor for Things in the Ground (SoA).
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I would say that it is shuffled along with the rest of the deck if you can't pay for it. Nothing in the text moves it out of the deck, so it's still there. Of course, it would be a rather useless play too so I don't expect anyone to actually do it.
Maybe you just got all your good cards fated to the bottom and are in need of a good deck shuffle?
"Printed cost" includes resource match requirements and/or steadfast icons?
It does not. The FAQ has several mentions of printed cost being just a number.

"Printed cost" includes resource match requirements and/or steadfast icons?

That wording is a bit odd, but I think it's safe to assume you have to 'play' the card as usual, meaning draining a domain and meeting all play requirements (steadfast, etc).
Good catch. It doesn't say "play the card paying its cost", it says "pay its printed cost", so its more like "Pay X. X is printed cost". So resource match and steadfast do not apply IMO.
I'd really love such things about less standard effects to be published with cards or online, so you cant miss them or argue about them... one line of explanation would do. I cant remember any other card using phrase "pay printed cost"

I cant remember any other card using phrase "pay printed cost"

A search shows a total of 23 cards with "printed cost" on them. Many of them refer to it as a number, none show any icons or anything to hint that faction is part of it. There is no exact match to "pay printed cost", the closest card is Doppelgänger and it uses the cost "X" because it has to be played in the operations phase.
Hmm are we sure that is the way it is intended to work? The way described, I can run a mono Cthulhu deck and use this to play something like Things in the Ground or Stygian Eye without a resource match. That just seems odd to me. I am going to send a mail to Damon to make sure.
Let us know your reply.
Ok got a reply already:

Hi Damon, I am wondering on the wording of 'Flooded Vault' from Terror in Venice. Specifically the phrase "pay its printed cost and put it into play".

Does 'pay its printed cost' mean you have to make a resource match and follow steadfast restrictions?

Yes, when you play a card you must follow all rules about how to play the card. Flooded Vault, much like Corrupted Midwife, only changes the location of the card it is letting you play the card from not how the card is payed for.
I'd ask damon again for confirmation. This response ignores card text... maybe he was tired or something. If not Flooded Vault needs errata. It doesn't say play like Corrupted Midwife (ER), it says put into play like Shocking Transformation (Core) then it says to pay printed cost.

The wording makes put into play and pay its printed cost separate effects. It seems almost like not paying the cost would not prevent you from putting card into play... sloppy wording IMO. Why is it not:
"Pay its cost. Then put it into play."
Or simply
"Play this support (paying its cost)."

Also Shuffle the deck should not have "Then" word, as it makes effect not fire if support is not found or payed for...

Also Shuffle the deck should not have "Then" word, as it makes effect not fire if support is not found or payed for...

hehe, you can use it to check out the cards you will draw for your next few turns (or the entire game if you are able to memorize their order in the cardpile) ;)

But the point I'm not sure what will happen to is the Support card I have searched for...will it stay in my hand or somewhere between the speres? Or will it be placed back in the drawpile again - on top, its old position,... (which will not be shuffled in this case, if I get the ruling right)?
I'm pretty sure the correct ruling is:
Search for support. Pay (normal?) cost. If you cant pay cost put support into deck. Shuffle deck in any case.
It's just that card says something else.

Not shuffling deck after searching through whole deck makes no sense at all... especially as there is general rule in FAQ:
"If a card effect allows a player to search his deck, he must shuffle his deck afterwards"
that seems to be a failsafe in case wording missed shuffling the deck. So even if then makes card shuffle not fire FAQ shuffle does its job. Still this "then" makes no sense here and brings confusion to already weirdly worded card.
Zephyr I think you are correct with this:

Search for support. Pay (normal?) cost. If you cant pay cost put support into deck. Shuffle deck in any case.

I think Damon's ruling is clear you have to pay normal cost for it. Like you said, the wording is just not very good. Hopefully it will get cleared up in the FAQ.

Does Flooded Vault allow you to play Supports as Actions outside your Operations Phase?

Sep 08 2017 09:24 PM

Essentially yes, its Action can be triggered any time you can normally trigger actions, which means you can get a support into play when it suits you, not just during Operations.

I thought so. Very powerful.

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