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Unending Festivities

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Unending Festivities

Unending Festivities

Type: Conspiracy Faction: Neutral
Struggle Icons:
Game Text:
While this conspiracy card is in play, players cannot ready more than 1 character during the refresh phase.
Set: TiV
Number: 29
Illustrator: Julepe


Wonky card, could lead to some interesting games.
I'm interested to try this with Syndicate to further control what characters my opponent has ready. Other ways to leverage it might include The Seventy Steps (IMoD) or dominating Arcane. Master of the Myths (IT) seems like a given with it. You could also use other cards that provide an alternate way to ready such as Ancient Guardian (Core) or whatever.
Y'Golonac (Core) will love it, just use him in operations not story on your own guys. Or take most of opponents guys so they cant all ready.

Nice synergy with:
Amaranth (SoK)
Clover Club Bootlegger (TTB)
Puzzled Exchange Student (TiV)

Jiang Shi (CotJE) should also work i think. being exhausted should not be a problem (or is it, those rulings tend to be tricky)
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Does La Bella Luna still ready all my Criminals on my opponent's turn? I assume the start of the turn is before the Refresh phase starts, right?

Incidentally, I like this card with Adept of the Second Order, especially when combined with Master of the Myths.
Jun 15 2016 09:36 AM

So I don't think Bella works with this, though a couple of posts on the La Bella Luna page seem to assume it does.

Probably because "start of turn" is a little vague.

If you look at the turn sequence chart in the rules, there is no specific start of turn marker (like MtG has), rather the turn starts with a green box in the refresh phase (which then has a white box). Each Green box include a start of phase point, and I think this one also include the notional start of turn point. Green boxes stops responses working immediately, so the first and only place you could trigger La Bella Luna would seem to be in the Framework-Action Response window that starts that white box. Since this is in a refresh phase, the constraint of only one character refreshed applies. One character is still a good thing, but her stronger Day effect doesn't work.

That's what I was afraid of too. My fears were kind of addressed when I went to the Er'nrawr page and saw comments from Zephyr and Danigral that "start of turn" is before the Refresh the phase, but I agree with you that interpretation is not clearly offered in the rule book. Hence, my uncertainty. It really is a tricky one, and I appreciate your insight, RP.
Jun 16 2016 09:13 AM

I went back and re-read Er'nrawr, and the various links. I think Er'nrawr behaves like that because it has a passive effect, not a Response, and this lets him "trigger" during the Green Box. That thread has increased my confidence that Bella, since she uses a response, doesn't work as hoped.

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I agree.  Too bad.

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