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Frozen Time

Frozen Time

Frozen Time

Type: Support Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Polar. Attachment.
Attach to a card.
Treat attached card as if its text box was blank.
Set: TKatG
Number: 22
Illustrator: David Demaret


Spectacularly useful effect, able to attach to any type of card.

Almost never use Yog without it.  The 2-Loyal hurts this card in a 3-faction deck, but isn't too bad in a 2-faction setup unless you are only splashing Yog.  It can neutralize some tough abilities and there are few counters outside of Shub. (DOA, Magnetic Spike, ??)

I concur with tdnordine - Unless using a minimal amount of Yog in a deck, I can't imagine a Yog deck without this. Loyal 2 is easy to play around, and being able to blank ANYTHING, character, support, story, is just too amazing to pass up.

I've had "so much" difficulty using it in a 2-faction deck, that I had to cut it eventually. It was heavily weighted toward the non-Yog-faction though, but i wouldn't say it is "easy" to play around, Loyal can always catch you off guard in non-mono.


That aside it really is one of the best pseudo-removal cards there are, no questions asked.

Best blanking in the game, 'nuff said.

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Can you attach this to a face down at story Dormant card and stop it being a dormant card? Presumably when the story is won, the Dormant card gooes to discard and cannot be played.

There is a thread about this question in the forums. Basically, there wasn't a definitive conclusion that was reached. Danigral posited that the Dormant cards retains the Frozen Time after it flips, so I guess the blanking only works on everything in the text box EXCEPT the ability of the card to be played from its Dormant state.
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Dormant card's " dormant process " actually is not an effect written on the card. I think Frozen Time cannot stop a dormant card being a dormant card. After the story is won, you can play the dormant card as usual. And I guess the word PLAY of "you can play the card when the story is won" means "play as if the dormant card were in your hand". That's all my presumption.

"Dormant" is a written on the card. Text Box is defined (2.25) as consisting of "subtypes and game text relevant to gamneplay including keywords such a sWill Power and Fast" . If "Dormant" is blanked then why is it still a Dormant card? Considering every thing in text box  but Dormant as blanked once the card is played (for zero cost)  makes blanked Dormant Effect cards effectively unplayable but Charactter cards presumably enter play still with blank text box but icons intact.

 Or should Attachments fall off cards that turn over, like they presumably fall of unfulfilled propehsies when they are turned face down(???)

I don't know for sure, but my guess is that it has something to do with the fact that the Dormant card is already in play and it's already in a Dormant state. It's like it's in a delayed state of being played that, once started, can't easily be undone. I suppose blanking the text box can't stop a card from being in a Dormant state anymore than it could stop an Attachment from being on another card.

That's just my best guess though.

Oops... Dormant is a keyword written on the card, but I mean the type of the face down dormant cards is "Dormant" as if the vertical word printed on the left bottom. And the text on the face down dormant cards is blank initially. Frozen Time won't change the state.

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