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Interstellar Migration

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Interstellar Migration

Interstellar Migration

Type: Event Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Choose a Yithian character and return it to its owner's hand.
Action: Put Interstellar Migration on the bottom of your deck to choose a deck. Discard X cards from that deck. X is equal to the number of Yithian cards in your discard pile. This effect can only be triggered from your discard pile. Limit 1 per phase.
Set: TkatG
Number: 37
Illustrator: Paul Carrick


Jun 08 2013 11:47 PM
Can this card make an infinite loop by itself and 2 yithian cards in your discard pile???. If the card can make or not. Why???. Thank you
Describe your loop idea. I don't see a loop here.

You can pay 2 and play this to return ichtian character in play to owners hand... Useful for cards like
Professor Nathaniel Peaslee (TKatG)
But in general kinda useless.

When in discard pile you can put it at the bottom of your deck to discard X cards from top of any deck.

With 2 Ychtians it can discard 2 cards. If you manage to get 2 of those in your discard, and have the 3td one as the last card of your deck, and have 2 ichtians in discard pile, you can get infinite discard of opponents deck by triggering 1st, getting it on the back of the deck then triggering second on your deck and discarding 2 for looping purpose.

But this kind of loop is completely useless IMO as conditions are impossible to meet, maybe you have some better interaction in mind...
Actually, this loop is extremely deadly. If someone built a deck whose sole purpose is to stall the enemy from getting success tokens on stories, and to discard cards from the deck as fast as possible, it won't be long before the deck gets low quickly (not to mention that this card can be used on your own deck to make the discards happen even faster). Once you're down to less than 10 cards, then the copies of these cards can decimate an opponent very fast at the end game.

I solo played against a deck that uses this tactic,
Tom Capor's 2013 1st Place Nationals Deck.

I use a deck that relies on discarding cards from an opponent's hand and deck in a different manner. This only accelerated the process. It could have been done faster even without my help, now that I know how the deck plays. Hence to say, this deck is downright evil. The infinite loop this can cause if an opponent also uses tactics to discard cards is, in my opinion, unfair, especially if the deck is composed of a lot of Yithan cards (5+ cards in the discard pile, you could just imagine how fast this card could cause someone to go through a deck). Captor himself even mentioned how unfair exploiting possible infinite loops his deck uses is, to the point where he notified FFG about it. He didn't mention this card in particular, but considering all the cards it can combo with, and the fact that he won the tournament with this deck, I'm convinced this was the major card to worry about.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this card in the restricted list sometime in the near future. Possibly even banned. After all, there should be more than 1 type of deck that relies on discarding an opponent's deck down to nothing for the win, and using a deck of that style against this one is practically a guaranteed loss. The only way I could see this card being made more fair without restricting/banning it is if it was removed from the game after use (the "play from discard pile" use). But this is just my opinion, after 1 play against it with a Hastur/Yog deck.

Best type of deck to combat a deck that relies on this card for the discarding win is a rush deck, like Miskatonic or something.

FAQ 3.3
Y-train has proven to be quite deadly and Migration is important part of it's engine.
We'll see what future awaits this archetype.

It's still not a loop. (although it does trigger unusually many effects during each turn)
And the infinite loop I made is AFAIK still useless.

Also historical note: "infinite loops" in that deck was really a design flaw with memory of discard pile and events triggered from discard pile not actual infinite loops AFAIK.
It was about infinitely triggering cards like Lost oracle. Since it doesn't remember if it was triggered or not, it could be argued it fire again, and again, and again... It was hotfixed during tournament (didn't stop it from winning) and next FAQ addressed the issue adding memory to cards triggered from discard pile.

Errata 3.4

Interstellar migration should read “Action: Put Interstellar Migration on the bottom of your deck to choose a deck. Discard X cards from that deck. X is equal to the number of Yithian cards in your discard pile. This effect can only be triggered from your discard pile during the story phase. Limit 1 per phase.”

How I wish I could put this card in the same deck as Yithian Scout! :( :( :(


That said, if I were to build a deck that contained a lot of Yithian cards, and I wanted to feature Fthaggua in the build, which of these two cards would be the better to include?  Any advice?

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