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Rite of the Silver Gate

Rite of the Silver Gate

Rite of the Silver Gate

Rending Space-Time
Type: Support Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 3
Game Text:
Fated 3.
Action: Exhaust Rite of the Silver Gate to choose a non-story card in play. The controller of that card reveals the top card of his deck and compares its cost to that of the chosen card. Discard the card with the highest cost. Then, place a success token on the Rite of the Silver Gate.
Set: TKatG
Number: 25
Illustrator: Stephen Somers


Restrict this please?

Jun 01 2015 04:26 PM

I highly doubt this will be restricted.  This is a 3 cost ritual, meaning it is already taking up a domain where you could play an impactful character, and it's not a necessary kill.  Cards like prophecies and anything that leaves the top card of your deck revealed blank this, because you cannot reveal a card that is already revealed, and with good deck construction with a good curve, you have a good chance of it not working when it is used, and even if it does work, it's Fated.  Yes it is a really strong card.  Yes Meiger makes it stronger, but this is far from restricted material. 

It discourages the use of high cost characters because of meiger combo and even when played by itself, there arent many good cards that reveal the top card of your own deck making the counterplay to this card difficult and frustrating.

Jun 02 2015 05:22 AM

Well, it is just a support card.  It's strong, but it still gets taken care of by support removal, and if it's brought out by Meiger, it's killed by any character kill too, because killing Meiger will kill it (plus any other goodies lying around).  Sure, it's a really sure fire way to take out some big fat Ancient One, but you either play around it, deal with it, or you were pretty much already losing.  Honestly, Meiger is more of a problem than this card, and I don't think he's restriction worthy either.  Sure, he's good, as is this, but all this really punishes are decks that rely on really expensive cards sticking around for long periods of time, and that's a questionable strategy in general. 

Jul 09 2015 04:29 AM

The fact that it makes playing high cost characters pointless now, and that it can be brought into play effectively for free by Meiger (from the deck to boot) kind of kills it in my book, AND you can play it with Khopesh in the deck. It getting destroyed when Meiger bites it is a non-issue with B Ramsdale Brown, and obviously you're gonna be running him if you're splashing ST.

Not sure what you're getting at with B. Ramsdale Brown.  He can retrieve either Meiger or Rite from the discard, sure.  But you still have to pay to play them again.  Meiger only brings Artifacts/Rituals from your deck, so whether Rite is in discard or hand it still won't work with him anymore.  You could play it directly after retrieving it to your hand, but then it costs you 3 and Rite is often off-color so you may not have a resource match to do it.  Of course bringing it back to your hand costs you a token on BRB too.  Sure, there are ways to mitigate that but then we're talking about more cards and combos - it's not free.


Bottom line is that yes, it's good.  It has weaknesses as well, including support destruction, blanking, uniqueness, losing it if Meiger leaves play, and frequently being unplayable (and a poor resource) outside of Meiger if it's an off-color card in your deck.


Anyway, the new FAQs are supposed to be up next week so we'll know pretty soon if any changes will be made.

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Jul 10 2015 03:42 AM

Ah true. The B.RB comment was referring to getting Meiger back and playing another RotSG from your deck, but that's just a nitpick with Meiger himself. As said above by others, he's mainly the culprit behind this card's effectiveness, but we'll see where FFG goes with him (if in the FAQ).

FAQ 4.1 - Restricted

I hate this card

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