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Feaster Upon the Innocent
Type: Character Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 3 Skill: 4 Icons: (T)(C)(C)
Game Text:
Fated 3.
Disrupt: When the first struggle would resolve at a story at which Slenderman is committed, all non-[Shub-Niggurath] characters at that story with cost 2 or lower are uncommitted. Then, place a success token on Slenderman.
Set: TKatG
Number: 50
Illustrator: Damien Worm


Am I correct in thinking that Slender Man is a relatively new creation?  As in, this century?  I'm thinking that the CoC designers just took this Slender Man concept out of today's culture and mixed it into the Lovecraft mythology because it seemed to fit.  Slender Man definitely seems to be inspired, or at least influenced, by the Lovecraft mythology, so I can see the translation.


Am I correct that Lovecraft didn't invent Slender Man, and that the CoC mythology is nearly 100 years older than the Slender Man concept?

By the way, I think he'd work great with Nadine Eskiy.  And Nadine also should work great with Lady Esprit.  Solid start to a Purple/Red deck, in my opinion.

According to the creator of Slender Man, he himself was inspired by Lovecraft (among other sources) when coming up with the idea, so it's some kind of weird inception/creation-loop going on. That aside, he totally fits into the mythos and since really pretty much (or even most) stuff in the Cthulhu mythos isn't from Lovecraft himself but from multiple authors working inside/with the cosmology, it's totally fine and pretty interesting to boot, imho.


That said, I'm still waiting for a really great deck idea for him. Shub has pretty many 3-cost characters. Neskiy and Esprit might indeed be something, yeah.

My brother took 3rd place (out of a field of 16) with a Slenderman deck in the 2014 Portland Regionals.  He combined it with Negotium, Dark Quagmire and Khopesh for control, and Ghoulish Worshiper (as Slenderman is a monster) plus a lot of other monsters for speed.


His strategy was to reduce the cost of his 3-cost characters, snipe his opponent's 3-cost characters with the Khopesh, kick out non-Shub characters from Negotium with Slenderman (and stick Dark Quagmire on it for good measure) and close out the game with The Red-Gloved Man.


Here's his deck list.  This was before Dreamlands Fanatic was restricted, but they shouldn't be too hard to replace.

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Sounds like a good deck build. Thanks for sharing.

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