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The Festival

The Festival

The Festival

Bringer of Strange Joy
Type: Support Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Action: Exhaust The Festival and sacrifice a resource to search your deck for a card and attach it to a drained domain as a resource. Shuffle your deck.
Action: Attach The Festival to a domain as a resource (Limit 1 per turn.) This effect can only be triggered from your discard pile.
Flavor Text: Card designed by 2011 Liege Champion Graham Hill
Set: TkatG
Number: 51
Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi


FAQ/Errata 3.2

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I like the synergy between The Festival and Descendant of Eibon.  Most of the cards I fetch with The Festival rely on a Bayou Shaman, Favor of Eshu, or Shub-Niggurath to make them relevant.  The Descendant is the rare card that can pull itself up out of a domain without outside help.  And the Descendant's transient resource complements Shub's overall strategy very nicely, allowing you to spring for that 8-cost Shub-Niggurath one turn earlier than expected.  Once I noticed the connection, The Festival + Descendant of Eibon seemed like a no-brainer to me.

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