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Visions of the Future's Past

Visions of the Future's Past

Visions of the Future's Past

Type: Event Faction: Neutral
Cost: 0
Game Text:
Play during any player's draw phase.
Action: Place this card face up on your deck.
Response: After an opponent's triggered effect removes a card you control from play, discard Visions of the Future's Past from the top of your deck to put that card into your hand and draw 1 card.
Set: TKatG
Number: 39
Illustrator: Brian Valenzuela


I need some clarification on this one - I couldn't find if there is specific "remove from play" trigger in CoC, so I'm not sure if a any card that leaves play (from being destroyed or bounced, or sacrificed due to targeted effect) will trigger this. This card is like ghost, it's either never been used or too clear for everyone.
Remove from play is a general term which includes sacrifice, destroy, wound, remove from the game, and discard from play (O'Bannion's Ledger thingy). Basically anything that takes a card in play and moves it to out of play.

This prophecy depends completely on your opponent and will therefore clog up your draw and rarely trigger. Seems like a waste of deck space to me.

I guess it might be handy if you knew you were going to be facing a Khopesh deck or something similar that was all built around character removal, but it's completely defensive, and I've never been tempted to include it.

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