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Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 7 Skill: 8 Icons: (T)(T)(C)(A)(A)
Game Text:
Ancient One.
Villainous. Invulnerability.
Reduce the cost to play Yog-Sothoth by 1 for each Sorcerer character in your discard pile.
Forced Response: After a player places a success token on a story, choose a card controlled by that player to gain Fated 3 until the end of the phase. Then place a success token on that card.
Set: TKatG
Number: 8
Illustrator: Stephen Somers


Jun 09 2015 06:45 AM

This card has confused me a little. The obvious intent is it punishes characters getting an investigation and unopposed bonus, but wouldn't the 'Fated' keyword stack?.


If I'm right, then the opponent's character (assuming it placed 3 success tokens this story phase) would have Fated 9, and 3 success tokens on it. Kinda makes this card pointless?

No, they just gain (and lose at the end of the phase) the very same "Fated 3" keyword over and over - well, at least till they actually have 3 success tokens *and* "Fated 3" at the same time on them. It's no "Fated +X", that would indeed kill the card.


On its intent: A (depending on your deck more or less) little side effect is that you can distribute success tokens on your own cards (on De Vermis Mysteriis or Tesla for instance - up to a point of course, you don't want to get them fated back into your deck...)

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