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Forbidden Sutra

Forbidden Sutra

Forbidden Sutra

Tainted and Twisted
Type: Support Faction: Hastur
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Attachment. Tome. Relic.
Attach to a character.
After Forbidden Sutra leaves play, shuffle it into its owner’s deck.
Disrupt: Drive attached character insane to cancel a card effect just triggered.
Set: The Mark of Madness
Number: 26
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak


You can't pay costs with opponents cards, right?

In which case, this is a 1 shot pre-emptive cancel.

A two-card play to cancel a single effect - return on investment can be reached through it's versatility. Also, it's a Tome. 3/5.


(Edit: rating raised from 2 to 3 after a good night of sleep :) )

No VonWibble you cannot pay costs with opponent's cards, so it would have to be your own character you attach this to and drive insane.

I love the idea of this card. Being able to cancel any card effect is strong. Being a Relic so it shuffles back into your deck means your opponent knows it won't ever happen 3 times at most.
Driving a character insane has benefits compared to sacrificing them as Hastur has cards who want to go insane, it can allow a Fated character to knock their tokens off (though sadly not August), and with the new enters play insane characters it can give you a reliable way to drive them insane.

However I am a massive fan of control cards.
Thinking further, this plus Wandering Tinker means you can cancel a few effects in a row iirc?

Thinking further, this plus Wandering Tinker means you can cancel a few effects in a row iirc?

I don't think that would work, Wandering Tinker triggers when a character leaves play and here a character is driven insane, right?

That and he only works on non-Relic cards, so between the two factors he is sadly not much use for your plan VonWibble.

Fair enough, was guessing as I only vaguely remembered the card.

Cancel is still powerful, so even with 1 go (plus shuffling in etc) and even with the opponent seeing it, that's still a great card.

I'm a huge fan. Performance Artist is up there with Nathaniel and Lena as one of the best one drops in the game for me, and this guy is basically the support version of that. I would rate this as better in almost every case than something like Power Drain. Definitely deserves consideration in any Hastur control deck.

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