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Invocation of the Abyss

Invocation of the Abyss

Invocation of the Abyss

Type: Event Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Choose a player to shuffle his hand into his deck. Then, that player draws the same number of cards. Draw 1 card.
Flavor Text: The voice sounded like their old friend, Vaughn, long thought lost.
Set: The Mark of Madness
Number: 51
Illustrator: Timo Karhula


Dormant for a low cost event ? Strange. I'll expect this to be most often self-directed to replace a bad hand.

Maybe one or two copies could find their way to a ST-Yog list full of Spell-related tricks, but usually I prefer net draw or tutor over replacement draw any day... 2/5

I think the best use of this card is in a Twilight/Cthulhu deck, where just the presence of an unidentified dormant card can have a powerful deterrent effect on the opponent. Its effect when it goes off is nice enough--used on yourself or the opponent, depending on how happy you are with your hand. I can't imagine ever playing this card from hand at cost 2.

Not a fan.  I'd much rather have a card like Supernal Prism that can give me card advantage as well as mess with my opponent's hand.  Hand-fixing for the sake of hand-fixing, even if IofA replaces itself, isn't worth a slot in a 50-card deck.


And when it gets unlocked from Dormant, your opponent will probably just breathe a big sigh of relief and say, "Oh, good, I was worried that Dormant card was going to be something dangerous."  Just put more of the actual dangerous Dormant land mines in your deck, and leave out the duds.

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