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Mandy Aurel

Mandy Aurel

Mandy Aurel

An Old Soul
Type: Character Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 3 Skill: 4 Icons: (C) (C) (A) (A)
Game Text:
Mandy Aurel enters play insane.
Response: After Mandy Aurel is restored, ready her to force each opponent to choose and sacrifice a support card he controls.
Flavor Text: “Let’s play a game.”
Set: The Mark of Madness
Number: 41
Illustrator: David Chen


Mandy loves dead animals and dead support cards. Her latter inclination should turn out more helpful.

Considering the little girl is a Cultist and also has fists, brains and skill, we'll certainly agree to play games with her as she demands, even without ways to drive her insane again... 4/5.

This is one of the weaker "enters play insane" characters IMO. You can always count on your opponent sacrificing the support card he cares the least about, assuming he lets Mandy trigger in the first place. Sacrificing a character would've been more certain too because your opponent might not always have a support card on the table. 2/5

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