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Monsieur Lamar

Monsieur Lamar

Monsieur Lamar

Often Lucid
Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 4 Icons: (C) (A) (A) (I)
Game Text:
Monsieur Lamar enters play insane.
Response: After Monsieur Lamar is restored, ready him to shuffle any player’s discard pile into his deck.
Set: The Mark of Madness
Number: 48
Illustrator: Anthony Devine


Discard pile hate is increasingly useful, as many factions have options to get cards "back from the grave" (characters, spells, tactics, tomes, artifacts and now madnesses...).

And if your opponent is not digging in the past... then Lamar can always recycle your own discard to give you a chance to draw lost marvels again.

Icons and skill are fine. 3/5.

This card really disappoints me. It could've bounced a character, or put a character into play for 1 turn, or fetched a card out of your discard pile. Any number of ST kind of effects. Instead it hates on a discard pile, or allows you to restock your deck, both of which are more like sideboard kind of effects. Too narrow to make a consistent difference unless you're playing against Yithian all the time. 1/5
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