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Thaumaturgical Insight

Thaumaturgical Insight

Thaumaturgical Insight

Type: Event Faction: Neutral
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Research. Spell.
Disrupt: When your opponent succeeds at a story unopposed, search your deck for a card and reveal it. Set it aside and shuffle your deck. Then, place the revealed card on top of your deck and remove Thaumaturgical Insight from the game.
Card Designed by 2012 North American Champion Tom Capor
Set: The Mark of Madness
Number: 38
Illustrator: Damon Westenhofer


Universal tutor to punish an aggressive opponent. Very nice, although a cost of 2 would have improved playability. 3/5.

What happens if you put Thaumaturgical Insight in to play using Hall of Champions?

you can't. Disrupt is conditional trigger effects.

Sep 26 2015 05:08 PM

Hall of Champions also only lets you put World Champ cards. Insight is merely a National Champ card. And I agree on the cost of 2 whole hardheartedly. I thought the card played like a dream in play testing at 2 cost. :( At least it's not 4 though. For a brief time, it was cost 4. 

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Yeah, that's really disappointing, the difference between cost 2 and 3 seems to be almost prohibitive. Maybe could be useful in a late game stalemate to find your solution card, but unless you're building a real stall out deck it seems silly to build around late game defense. And letting an opponent go unopposed is a high price to pay at any stage in the game. 


If you were playing a slower deck against rush and knew you weren't gonna be able to hold off everything on turn 1, a 2 cost version of this card could potentially be a nice way to set up your second turn while still being able to get out some 1 cost stalls. Even then, though, you're banking on having it in your opening hand or your first or second draw if you can get out an absolutely game changing four cost card. An interesting gambit at cost 2, a real drag at cost 3.


I haven't tried the card out, but I'd be tempted to look into Beneath the Mire before this one.

Sep 27 2015 11:48 PM
It's best and really only use its in a slow deck that really wants to find a specific card(s) (especially events). Which its the point of the card... To offer a way to do that. Turns out it is usually more effective than just drawing cards. Still, the 3 cost will certainly keep it out of the vast majority of decks.
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Would it be good for the game if it were played in most decks?

That's a good point about event-based decks Magnus, I hadn't considered that. I'm still skeptical that 3 cost and an opponents unopposed run at a story is ever worth it, barring a game locking combo, but I'll definitely have to try it out.


And I guess I didn't express myself clearly Unnamable. My initial reaction was that a 2 cost version of the event would be far from universal, but pretty good in a particular type of deck, like Nodens or Deep One Rising or something, and that a three cost version would basically have to have the entire deck built around its weaknesses. I certainly wasn't talking about making this card universally playable.

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