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Clifton Rosenberg

Clifton Rosenberg

Clifton Rosenberg

Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 6 Skill: 3 Icons: (C)(C)(A)(A)
Game Text:
Willpower. Toughness +2.
Response: After you play Clifton Rosenberg, return all Heroic and Villainous characters to their owner's hands.
Set: TOotST
Number: 16
Illustrator: Jeff Himmeiman


Can someone help me on this one? I know the power level of the Lodge Box isn't terribly high (putting it mildly), but there are exactly two factions I can see going to have a domain of 6 lying about: Shub and, to a lesser degree already, Cthulhu. And it's pretty clear what you'd do with those domains: Hard-casting Ancient Ones (which no one does, anyway). Along comes Clifton Rosenberg, costing as much as some Ctuhlhu/Shub variants and doing what, bouncing them back? (Your AOs most likely, that is, then)


I could see him doing some serious work, if it was an enter-play effect or you could somehow (seriously/reasonably) lower his price tag or cheat him into being actually "played", but as is... Why in the world would he deserve to cost 6? He doesn't even bring investigation.

Dec 02 2015 10:26 AM

He does seem wildly overpriced. I think he would see some play at cost 4, but at cost 6 he is well beyond any practical application.

He is awful unless you can get him into play for free, which is not easy.  So maybe in some weird Pose Mundane or Ritual of Summoning/Uroborus deck?  Still kind of a stretch though and it hurts that his bounce only works on Play rather than Enters Play.  Frankly, even if I DID have a trick, there are other cheaper ST characters I'd want to get into play free over this guy.

You can lower the cost, which makes it playable (Initiation, Silver Twilight Lodge). Unfortunately, that still doesn't make it good, because that cost reduction could be applied to things that start at a reasonable cost. High Wizard of the Order seems like a better choice 90% of the time.

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