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Faceless Abductor

Faceless Abductor

Faceless Abductor

Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (T)(C)
Game Text:
Action: Shuffle Faceless Abductor into your deck to choose a non-Ancient One character with skill 3 or less. Return that character to it's owner's hand.
Set: TOotST
Number: 7
Illustrator: Christopher Burdett


Shouldn't this be "Shuffle Faceless Abductor into its owners deck to choose..." incase I take control of my opponent's FA and then exercise its Action?

Jul 06 2017 12:57 PM

It would probably be better worded that way, but in general when a card leaves play to go to an out of play zone, it goes to the owner's out of play zone, not the controller's. So that change is probably redundant.

Of course, that raises in my mind whether a non-owning contrller can even pay that cost...

Yes ISWYM. If I take control of FA I can't excercise it's ability. Like Prof George Angell (Disrupt:: Return PGA to your hand to,,,,) couldn;t be triggered by a non-Owning controller.

However, if I take Control of my opponent's Faceless Abuductor, my Opponent can shuffle another Faceless Abductor into his deck to return my captured FA to his hand.

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A strong Yog 2-drop, embodies some of what Yog is good at, namely terror, combat, and removing (however temporary) opposition from the opponent's board.  (Yog is not terrific at combat but its characters are no slouches either).  Nice image too.

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