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Lodge Housekeeper

Lodge Housekeeper

Lodge Housekeeper

Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (A)(I)
Game Text:
Response: After Lodge Housekeeper enters play, choose and return a support card to its owner’s hand.
Flavor Text: They do more than dust.
Set: TOotST
Number: 34
Illustrator: Anna Christenson


On the minus side, a bit expensive as far as support removal goes, and limited to the Operations Phase. On the plus side, can be replayed with, e.g., Knight of the Outer Void (TOotST).

Gets direct competition from Constricting Elder Thing, which is far superior.  The only way Lodge Housekeeper competes is if you're using a lot of self-bouncing, so you can get repeated use out of the Housekeeper's ability.  Cards that depend upon the rest of the deck that much for maximum effectiveness are seldom a good strategy though.

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