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Ritual of the Construct

Ritual of the Construct

Ritual of the Construct

Mystical Summons
Type: Support Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Response: After you discard 1 more cards from your hand, place a success token on Ritual of the Construct.
Action: Exhaust Ritual of the Construct and discard X success counters from it to choose an opponent. That opponent must sacrifice a character with cost X or lower.
Set: TOotST
Number: 41
Illustrator: John Moriarty


Hi, sorry to enter and say this, but there's an error. In the descriptive text of the card says "Response: After you discards 3 or more cards...", but is when you discard 1 or more.
Thanks, fixed!

I guess if you ran this card in a deck that caused lots of insanity, you could make your opponent sac an insane character (since its cost would be zero) during each of your turns.  You could do worse for casual play.  I'm not sure this card would ever be worth it if you try to use it more conventionally.  Maybe if it cost zero to play rather than 2.  It's just hard to see this working outside of the insanity gimmick outlined above.

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Aug 03 2017 01:58 PM

I agree with you about it being limited; the reliable generation of tokens for this one seems just too hard for what you get.

But the idea of combining it with insanity engines is very good. Deranged Diva would be the most obvious synergy with the two combining to have your opponent sacrifice one character per turn. That's the kind of onslaught few decks can cope with.

This could provide an excellent alternative/backup to the Arkham Asylum half of the common combo of Deranged Diva+Arkham Asylum, much the way Dangerous Inmate often backs up the Diva half of that combo.

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Yes, insanity can make a lot of cards work a lot better.  Any character with zero cost and zero skill is obviously in a very precarious position.  Ritual of the Construct is yet another card that can exploit that.  Of course, I've never been bold enough to try a Hastur/ST deck, but maybe there's something here.


Dikes of Ys might be worth a look too.

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