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The Silver Lance

The Silver Lance

The Silver Lance

Hallowed Weapon
Type: Support Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3
Game Text:
Attachment. Weapon. Artifact.
Attach to a character you control.
Response: After you succeed at a story where attached character is committed, return a character with printed cost 3 or lower to its owner's hand.
Set: PT
Number: 35
Illustrator: Regis Moulun


Has anyone had success using this?


As the effect is intriguing, to either return your own characters with useful enter/leave play effects, or return their characters (ideally when defending on their turn) to slow them down.

I've had a bit of fun with it. Basically, anything that annoys my opponent makes me happy.


It comes with the caveat that I'd never run it in a deck without Josef Meiger though. It's also about the 3rd thing that he fetches out of the deck. I don't think it's worth either the resource cost or the space in your hand, but if you can ignore both of those, it's great. :D

I played it in combo with Agency. But it triggered not that often. (I think it's a typical "late game card" it has never been my first choice if I could play something else.

In my ST (return to hand) deck it's not working...other effect are much better and faster.

(By the way, you can just succeed on your turn - not as the defending player.)

Sounds like the 2 stars are fitting then :(


I imagine I'll try it out some time, but treat it as a bonus.


Smith629 - I do love Josef, so more things for him to get is never a bad thing in my mind.


Orso - It was more the idea of doing it as a defender so they don't buy it back before I have time to abuse their board being reduced.

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