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Thomas Bannano

Thomas Bannano

Thomas Bannano

"Tommy Bananas"
Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 5 Skill: 4 Icons: (C)(C)(C)
Game Text:
Toughness +1.
While a character with (T) is committed to the same story as Thomas Bannano, Thomas Bannano gets -2 skill and gains (T)(C)(C) until the end of the phase.
Flavor Text: "Eat lead you sick son of a... TA!TA!TA!TAT!"
Set: PT
Number: 37
Illustrator: Ben Zweifel


Never understood why this game has so many useless characters with huge cost and just many icons. Character costing 4 or more has to be very special.
Johnny V's Dame (AoA)
Seeker of Mysteries (SoA)
Shocking Transformation (Core)
he might be viable, but i agree - there are better thing you can get with that much effort.

Maybe to power
The Mage Known as Magnus (TWC)
one could have him in syndicate deck....

My per card FAQ project post:

(1.11) Multiple Lasting Effects
Even if not triggered at the same time,
multiple lasting effects may affect the
same card at the same time. The order
in which the lasting effects take place
is irrelevant – the net sum result of all
lasting effects is applied to the card.
For example, a Young Deep One (Core
Set F52) (with 0 skill) is affected by
two Clover Club Bouncers(Core Set F65),
lowering that character’s skill by 2.
The Young Deep One’s controller then
attaches Notebook Sketches (Mountains
of Madness F4) to it, increasing the
Young Deep One’s skill by 1. The net sum
of these three lasting effects is that the
Young Deep One has a skill of -1.
Note, however, that a character’s skill is
never considered to be below zero for
purposes of resolving effects. Thus in
the example above, the Young Deep One’s
skill would count as though it were zero.
However, if another lasting effect would
give the Deep One +1 skill, the net skill
would remain at zero.
Lasting effects that affect other
character attributes (such as icons) work
in the same fashion.

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