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Type: Event Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Discard the top card of your deck. If you discarded a Chthonian character, choose and destroy a non-Ancient One character. Otherwise, choose and destroy a Location support card.
Flavor Text: These gaping holes have been known to swallow whole cities...
Set: TWC
Number: 109
Illustrator: Marco Caradonna


Between the spoiled Chthonian in The Thousand Young and all the upcoming "reveal the top card of your deck" effects, Sinkhole's looking pretty cool.

    • Carthoris likes this

With the combo to put Chthonians on top of your deck, this will be the only 2-cost targeted destruction effect in the game. And it's a Disaster so there is always that combo with Watcher of Signs to ramp up your main domain faster to actually afford a Chthonian....

    • blinovitch likes this

Really nice catch, this might actually be worth building some stuff around, then.

It will depend I guess on how many Chthonians we get and how "worthy" they are.  But a 2-cost targeted character destruction is pretty nice.  Shub box should be out fairly soon...


But, you also need a repeatable reveal effect and maybe some patience to have the right card on top too, either that or a way to put it there yourself which can already be done several ways.

Does this remind anyone else of Tremors?

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