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The Mage Known as Magnus

The Mage Known as Magnus

The Mage Known as Magnus

Master of the Arcane Arts
Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)(C)(A)
Game Text:
Action: Exhaust The Mage Known as Magnus and discard a character card from your hand to choose and destroy a non-Ancient One character with a printed cost lower than the discarded card.
Flavor Text: Card designed by 2009 World Champion Tom Capor.
Set: TWC
Number: 111
Illustrator: Henning Ludvigsen


Jul 10 2011 04:24 PM
Best card EVER! Or I might be a little biased, but I must say thats some handsome art :P
haha, well I do have to agree that is one awesome card you created there.

Seems like an all-around nice three-drop character, especially with the new attention Sorcerers are getting lately, thanks to Nephren-Ka.

Willpower, equal skill and icons to cost, and a means to destroy anything bar an Ancient One so long as you have the cards for it is never bad.


Nephren-Ka is cherry on the top ;)

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