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Ancestral Fear

Ancestral Fear

Ancestral Fear

Type: Event Faction: Neutral
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Disrupt: When a card effect would cause any number of characters you control to leave play, instead choose and drive any number of those characters insane to cancel the effect on that character.
Flavor Text: “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.” – H. P. Lovecraft
Set: The Sleeper Below
Number: 038
Illustrator: Tommy Arnold


ummm i do not understand this card

What about it don't you get?


For example, use it when Plague Stone destroys all characters, and use this to make all of your characters go insane instead of being destroyed. Sure it will take time for them to be useful again, but at least they are still there. Combine this with characters who trigger when they are restored such as Mad Genius, or with abilities to recover faster, such as Arkham Asylum.

ooooh I read it as cancel the effect of that character not on that character (: this actually is pretty great since can use it on just one or two people want to keep

What if they can`t be driven insane due to Horror icons or Willpower?

...then you wouldn't play this event since you can't drive anyone insane therefore you can't cancel the effect.

sapper is correct in the rules it states that you can't drive characters insane if they can't go insane for card effects. 

If an effect would cause me to sacrifice my characters, could i instead drive them insane with this effect?

say using a cultist deck, if i could sacrifice all my cultists to summon kassogtha and use the disrupt of ancestral fear, could i get the discount effect while making my characters insane instead of sacrificing them?


Thanks in advance

No. If you're doing something TO do something else, that first something is a cost, and if you cancel a cost you cancel the effect.


In the Kassogtha example, you're sacrificing your cultists as a cost to trigger Kassogtha's effect which allows him to come in to play at a reduced cost. No sacrifice, no reduced cost.

This seems like one to combo with an active reset, like Dimensional Rift, Ritual of the Lance, or The Plague Stone.

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