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Henry Anthony Wilcox

Henry Anthony Wilcox

Henry Anthony Wilcox

Neurotic Genius
Type: Character Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 4 Skill: 4 Icons: (C)(C)(A)
Game Text:
Cultist. Dreamer.
Response: After you play a Cultist character, Henry Anthony Wilcox gains Invulnerability, and Cultist characters you control gain a [Terror] icon until the end of the turn.
Flavor Text: He dreamt of great Cyclopean cities of Titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths, all dripping with green ooze and sinister with latent horror.
Set: The Sleeper Below
Number: 013
Illustrator: Mark Behm




The sleeper below is amazing in its references to the original material (the actual Call of Cthulhu story) - lots of characters from the expansion are straight from Lovecraft's iconic story! From Professor Angell, who does end up paying a price for his quest in search of the conspiracy (or secret cult) to Ardois-Bonnot who ends up displaying a horrific (and unspeakable) painting, even William Webb is there making connections!!!


... which leads me to ask....


Why is this guy a Cultist :P  In the story, he's specifically referred to as NOT being a cultist! In any way, shape or form!!  He'd have been much better off as an Artist!! That Subtype needs some love! Could have easily granted his icons to both :P

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Yeah, don't get me started! Gustaf is another case of complete defiance and disrespect to the source material. I agree, Artist is a no-brainer. The main focus of the box is Cultist synergy, we get that but you could easily have had Ian Hardaway and Functional Psychopath as Cultists instead. Yes, otherwise I feel they took the set's themes to a higher level. Once again, the thought process of the all mighty designers eludes me! It's like PROMETHEUS all over again, DAMN YOU RIDLEY SCOTT!!! 

Glad to see I am not alone in this hehe


No hate. Just a reference connecting the game designers to the unknowable 'Engineers' of the movie and a jab at RS for the tease that his flick PROMETHEUS is. Loved the movie (twice in theatre and own it) but to a large extent it was a set up for a sequel. 

Yeah, which will be awesome, and will be coming...soon?
Nov 11 2014 07:36 AM

No hate on Prometheus, but it's a terrible movie.


Also, I feel you guys on the wtfs about the 'cultist' subtype.

Mar 11 2015 05:41 AM

Is thsi card good in a cultist deck?

Too expensive unless you're sold on the Twisted Acropolis to cheat dudes into play.

Mar 13 2015 04:15 AM

Quick query requiring a quick response.


Does Wilcox's ability trigger off himself coming into play?

It should.  It's a response so it happens after he finishes entering play.

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