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Hunting Wendigo

Hunting Wendigo

Hunting Wendigo

Type: Character Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 6 Skill: 5 Icons: (T)(T)(C)(C)(C)
Game Text:
Monster. Polar.
Dormant. Fast.
Disrupt: When Hunting Wendigo would be destroyed, instead discard all wound tokens and attachments from it and attach it as a Dormant card at a story.
Set: The Sleeper Below
Number: 016
Illustrator: Jon Bosco


Is there a specific reason why Hunting Wendigo has the Polar subtype?  There are a number of non-Events that are Polar, yet I see no specific way to play off of that in the game.  I've only seen Polar mechanics for Events.


As an aside, I hate this card in a mono-Cthulhu deck.  He bring nothing to that archetype that it doesn't already have in spades.  That said, splash him into something like an Explorer build, add in Irem to play off the Lost Civilization mechanic that Explorers like, and now you've got something.  Miskatonic can obviously benefit from having a big meaty beatstick like the Wendigo on their side, and who is better at unlocking a Dormant card quickly than Miskatonic?

The Polar subtype is a flavor thing in this case, has Wendigo only exist in polar climates traditionally.

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