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Raising of the Great Old Ones

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Type: Conspiracy Faction: Cthulhu
Struggle Icons:
Game Text:
Characters that are made insane at this conspiracy are destroyed. Characters wounded by losing the [Combat] struggle at this conspiracy are attached to a domain of their owner’s choosing instead of being destroyed.
Set: The Sleeper Below
Number: 035
Illustrator: Katy Grierson


This seems like a double-edged blade: destroy characters with the terror struggle, but combat sends the destroyed character to a domain as a resource. I don't immediately see a use for this, unless maybe it's coming from the same intent as cards like Even Death May Die: keep cards that trigger in the discard out of the discard.

Seems like it would be fun to play on the first turn, and then dare your opponent to win combat there. Don't throw me into the briar patch of a second-turn 5 domain!

An additional way to get those huge Sleeper Below cost characters out. Send a wheenie with investigation and terror. Dare your opponent to stop you.
Well there is no investigation struggle on this conspiracy, so a character with investigation icons will be mostly wasted here.

I'm also not sure I see a real use for this conspiracy.

It seems crazy hard to set up this Conspiracy. You could surely put some low cost characters there on the attack, but then your opponent can most likely manipulate the struggle resolutions by going for icon parity and in the end you're committing five times to win a conspiracy with no further effect.


What does work, for instance, is Y'golonac and some cannon fodder on your side and some combat icons on the opponents side (and not to many Terror icons), but that's not entirely in your hands and still depending on a 4-cost minion, three trash drops and at least 2 combat on the other side of the table. Spelt out, it doesn't sound too hard to achieve, BUT if you can set up this play with Y'golonac, you can probably just play Nug instead and be done with the ramping.


I take it, Baron Samedi's Disrupt effect that resolves *instead* of the normal struggle effect doesn't trigger this Conspiracy, since it replaces the wounding of the normal struggle wounding, hm?

This one's really odd. I don't even remember it...

To me it seems like a Conspiracy you _want_ to lose to ramp your resources. You'd have to have some control over what your oppoent is going to commit, e.g. using Silver Twilight Temptress or one of the similar cards from the Summons cycle. The Mariner might also work.

Mariner is a good idea, Jhaelen.  I hadn't thought of that one.


I'm using this conspiracy in a Cthulhu/Hastur deck.  I have a bunch of Serpents plus Yig in there, the theory being that I can wait until my opponent commits then I can customize my icons as I see fit at this conspiracy.  And since the cheap Serpents are all heavy on terror and light on combat, they can hurt my opponent during the terror struggles but then die easily during the combat struggles, exactly as this conspiracy wants it to be.  I don't know if it will work, but the theory seems sound.


I also have Scheme of Byakhees in the same deck.  Four terror struggles at this conspiracy, each of which can destroy a character, seems pretty mean.  And if my opponent doesn't oppose me, I'm content for my Scheme's ability to trigger 4 times.  It's a sweet setup for a well-timed Scotophobia.

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