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US Archaeological Society

US Archaeological Society

US Archaeological Society

Lifting the Veil
Type: Character Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 6 Skill: 6 Icons: (A)(A)(I)(I)(I)
Game Text:
Society. Explorer.
Reduce the cost to play US Archaeological Society by 2 for each story card in an opponent’s won pile.
Response: After you place 1 or more success tokens at a story at which US Archaeological Society is committed, put a Lost Civilization location into play from your hand or your discard pile.
Set: The Sleeper Below
Number: 044
Illustrator: Ignacio Bazán Lazcano


Has anyone seen an errata for these guys? There doesn't seem to be a single Lost Civilization, Location (which is a whole other personal gripe, that I can't burn Lost Civilizations to the ground with Ritual of Inferno :P) card in the game. They clearly meant support rather than location, but it says what it says. 

If anyone went to use the response and the opponent made a fuss Mike, I imagine any reasonable player and TO would just tell them to stfu ;)

Mar 25 2015 09:34 AM

Not a helpful wording, but as 'location' isn't capitalised guess you could argue it isn't refering to the sub-type.

I guess flooded vault spam?

I want to use this with Irem and just keep this and a Ravager or something on my side of the table and keep sacrificing Irem to keep my opponent at two characters.

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