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French Quarter

French Quarter

French Quarter

Vieux Carré
Type: Support Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Action: Reveal the top card of your deck until the end of the phase. If that card is a [Shub-Niggurath] character, choose one of its struggle icons, and add that icon to each character you control until the end of the phase. (Limit once per turn.)
Set: The Thousand Young
Number: 26


From http://www.cardgamed...ew-part-2-r1370

BanalityBob - 2/5 - With all the resilient and cards like Ambushing Ghoul in the set, French Quarter has a high likelihood of triggering reliably. The Issue is that it only adds an from a Shub character, and really, how much more combat or terror do you really need in a Shub deck? I see this being maybe run as a one off in some decks, and in the first few weeks and months when everyone is playing red cards, this can break the ties that may show up, but it’s not overly impressive.
Danigral - 2/5 - There are two ways I can see this being useful: one is to rig the top card of your deck to ensure you have terror to protect terrorless characters, even in a dual-faction deck; and two is to try to get some arcane on the attack. I would say that adding investigation would be helpful, but there are only 2 Shub characters with investigation. Adding in some versatile Shub characters with multiple icons (think Y’Golonac, Lady Esprit, Lord of the Woods, or Watcher of the Woods) to give some versatility would be good. And the 1 cost fits into both a mono-domain or staggered resource strategy. However, I don’t see this going in over other 1 cost cards that either provide early board presence or resource acceleration.
dboeren - 3/5 - For a low cost, it’s got a reasonable chance of triggering and your opponent has to worry about what you might get. Resilient plays well with this card, guaranteeing that you can have icons on top. But, because it only works with Shub characters it’s really best for mono decks or decks that splash a second faction mainly for the events/supports.
Kamacausey - 2/5 - I could see this being "ok" in a mono shub deck but it's still not a guarantee unless you play cards that manipulate the top of your deck and then it becomes more of a chore than a useful effect to get to go off.
mnBroncos - 2/5 - Not a big fan of this card because it is very limited to how many cards will hit. Have to be a Shub card and then has to also be a character. If you are playing a mono-shub deck it could maybe be a 3/5 but that is too limited of a deck also most of the time only going to add a combat or terror icon. Shub isn’t the most versatile in icons.
Reckoner - 2/5 - It is good to have additional reveal synergy for cards like Restless Dead, but overall I am underwhelmed by this card. If you can fix the top of your deck (or are in mono Shub) and consistently get additional icons, that is pretty powerful, but most of the time, I think that you would rather just have an additional character to play.

This is currently in my sideboard for my new Mi-Go deck. I think it has potential - perhaps even more in combination with the Pocket Telescope (the previous "Card of the Day").

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