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Iä! Iä!

Iä! Iä!

Iä! Iä!

Type: Event Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 4
Game Text:
: Remove all wounds from each character you control. Then, deal an equal number of wounds divided among a single opponent’s characters.
Set: The Thousand Young
Number: 32


From http://www.cardgamed...ew-part-2-r1370

BanalityBob - 2/5 - Don’t get me wrong, this is super powerful. Extremely powerful, but it requires a deck built around it. With a lot of tough monsters (Rend, Jaguar Warrior, and Albino Goat Spawn come to mind) and a good way to get wounds like Pervasive Toxemia, it is an amazing late game board wipe, but it is loyal and requires a specific deck in which it is most likely a one of, so I’m rating it low.
Danigral - 4/5 - A one sided board wipe if you have toughness. Several of the standard stock Shub characters have toughness like Twilight Cannibal and Ghoulish Predator, but in this box we now have Jean, Rend, and let’s not forget Mi-Go now. This will be very annoying.
dboeren - 3/5 - Certainly a card that you build your deck around but if you can pull it off you’ve likely just won the game. It also effectively limits you to a mono deck but if you’re already building around it then don’t let that bother you too much. If we ever see a card that lets you play the next card ignoring Loyal this one will be near the top of my list to try out with it.
Kamacausey - 4/5 - You pretty much have no choice but to play a mono shub deck that builds around this card but it's a doozie of an event and one worth looking into for sure. Shub have a ton of characters with toughness so it should be no problem to find good targets for this card.
mnBroncos - 2/5 - Really the Loyal on a four cost card is what makes it a 2 to me instead of a 3 and maybe even a 4. I could see decks that add toughness or just basically have toughness combined with the ancient one that wounds everyone and then you being able to remove your wounds to do it again later is a solid thing to build around, however, with this being loyal you’d have to probably do this in a mono-shub deck and at the point may not be strong enough to get there.
Reckoner - 3/5 - This card is incredibly powerful, but that power comes at the cost of 4 loyal which really limits options. This card will see play, not in every deck, but there will be a deck built around this and this card will win games.

Combos well with Dhole Ant Lion .

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Combos well with Dhole Ant Lion .

I shudder thinking about it!

It combos even better with 'The Terror of the Tides' (http://www.cardgamed...y_46_296496.jpg)

Unfortunately, the only time I've tested it, I played against Hastur, so it got canceled :(


Anyway, I love this card. It's expensive, yes, but it has the potential to swing the game around.

Sep 15 2015 01:56 PM

Terror of the Tides is a wonderful combo.

A very decent 3 cost colorless critter, that comes with 4 wounds already on it.

It's colorless play option makes it compatible with the pure shub build that Iä! Iä! probably wants.

You can play it on your second turn, then Iä! Iä! on your third, to dump 4 wounds onto your opponents critters. Very deadly.

Terror of the Tides is also greatly improved by Ritual of the Silver Gate being far rarer now than before the 4.1 restriction list.

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