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Twisted Consecration

Twisted Consecration

Twisted Consecration

Type: Event Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 0
Game Text:
Action: Choose and destroy a Location support card.
Then, that support card’s controller reveals cards from his deck until he reveals a
Location support card. Set that card aside, and shuffle that deck. Then, puttheset aside support card on top of its owner’s deck.
Set: The Thousand Young
Number: 30


From http://www.cardgamed...ew-part-2-r1370

BanalityBob - 2/5 - A resounding meh. Cool, you can sorta tutor, but the card you’re searching for goes to the top of your deck, so you don’t even get it for a turn. It is cool to kill off your Festival and reveal another Festival to ramp, but that’s about the only really good application unless your meta is overrun by Location support cards.
Danigral - 4/5 - This is great location control. It’s free and buys you at least a turn from the negative effects of a location, which your opponent has to redraw (effectively at -1 card) and replay (for a tempo loss). Hastur plays 70 Steps? Ain’t no thing. Flooded Vault tutor got you down? Nope. Hall of Champions messing up your groove? Twist it away.
dboeren - 1/5 - Unless you have a combo revolving around destroying your own Locations, it’s too situational and there’s a good chance your opponent will replace the Location with another copy of the same one - accomplishing little.
Kamacausey - 3/5 - I'll admit it, when I first looked at this card I rated it a 1 because I felt like it was sub par support card destruction. However, now that I've had some time to stew over it I rate it much more highly for two reasons: one, it can be used as a way for you to gather a ton of information about your opponent's deck and what he's trying to accomplish because players usually only have like 3 cards in their decks that are location support cards so when you destroy one of their locations you will get to see a good chunk (if not all) of their deck and two, it can be used as a pseudo tutor to go get your own location support card that you're looking for. I think this card needs be looked at in a different light than your typical support destruction.
mnBroncos - 3/5 - Late game forcing your opponent to lose a location and then forcing them to draw into a support not a character could be a big deal. I’d try this card around in a heavy board reset deck with Plague Stones, etc.
Reckoner - 2/5 - There are two ways to look at this card. One as a tempo play to remove an opponent’s location. In that capacity, it does not compare with Shub’s other options such as Thunder in the East, Burrowing Beneath, and Grasping Chthonian. The second way is to use this on your own support as a tutor. If this gets used, I think it more likely to be in this capacity. Two things to consider, this can set the top card of your deck and this will be a tempo loss. If you need the former, or can deal with the latter this may be the card for you.

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