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Blind Fighting

Blind Fighting

Blind Fighting

Type: Event Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Action: Choose a story. Add or remove a (C) struggle from that story until the end of the phase. Then, you may exhaust a character you control to return Blind Fighting to your hand instead of discarding it.
Set: SfW
Number: 98
Illustrator: Jeff Himmelman


Opinions on this card...?

I'd primarily try to leverage the exhaustion of your characters. Like Henry Knoll or Naomi O'Bannion. Their effects are often limited to 1/turn, a card like this can help, I guess.


Not that I have a fully blown concept at my hand, but the primary effect of the cards doesn't really seem to warrant its inclusion, Criminal decks can get fairly combat-ty.

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You're right, Daevar.  The primary effect here offers some utility, but probably isn't going to make-or-break a game.  The chance for recursive exhaustion, however, might be where this card offers some real possibilities.  I hadn't focused on that until you mentioned it.


Danny O'Bannion's Crony, Jon Pechon, and Henry Knoll would all dig the extra exhaustion.  For something a little far-out, The Silver Key would make a nice partner.


I'd personally stay away from Naomi with this card.  I see the potential, but I'd want all of my events in a deck with Naomi to be Tactics.  I have her in a Blue/Brown deck, and Flanking Maneuver is nice with her.

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And I even misread the card - since you can even add struggles (overlooked that part somehow)... there might be something out there. Naomi is probably not the best choice, but you had already quite a few on your list (Misk Research Assistant is another one I can think of from the top of my head - there's gotta be more).

And yeah, The Silver Key seems to be a natural fit as well.

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