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Bird Demon

Bird Demon

Bird Demon

Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (T)(C)(A)(A)
Game Text:
Set: TC
Number: 120
Illustrator: John Moriarty


Anyone ever build a deck around this guy?

Just build a deck around Descendant of Eibon instead

Let's see, here are a few ways that Bird Demon can be better than Descendant of Eibon:


1) Win The Second Dragon (or The Seventh Gate to activate The Second Dragon).

2) Pack Doppelgaengers so that you have virtually six Bird Demons.

3) Play Across Dimensions. 

4) Add to the skill of your Disciples of the Gate.

You can tell the designers were running out of ideas or time or budget. I wonder if they just added the Fast keyword, so the text box wouldn't be completely empty.

I applaud Carthoris for finding ways to make Bird Demon playable. This card is about as uninspiring as they come, and I can't imagine any deck that would actually find room for it. Still, it's so boring it's funny.
I used Bird Demon to great effect when we held a Highlander tournament a few months ago. Cost to icon ratio is very useful when you can't rely on specific combos.
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Yeah, I can see this card being a quick grab in a draft.

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