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Examining the Optic Nerve

Examining the Optic Nerve

Examining the Optic Nerve

Type: Event Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Action: Choose a Mi-Go character. That character gains (I) until the end of the phase.
Set: TC
Number: 115
Illustrator: Jason Ward


Mi-Go Scalpel is more bang for the buck. Mi-go Scout can also give you investigation icons.

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You're neglecting the tactical advantage of event cards outside of the operations phase. Character and support icons can be calculated by your opponent. The event doesn't need to be played until all characters are committed, at which point it can change the struggle outcome. If you never do this sort of thing, it's a huge gift to your opponents, because you won't be able to bluff either. 

Jan 25 2016 09:50 PM

But even factoring the tactical effect, this become one card for changing a Investigation struggle result, that's one less token for them, or one more for you (or extremely rarely both). I think one card for one token is generally a pretty poor exchange rate.

Event generated icons can be sweet, but the best cards of this form add C, which can frequently lead to you wounding an opponent, or saving a character of yours plus possibly helping later struggles. The card disadvantage of this card is a major obstacle to its being playable.

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