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Dark Mistress of the Woods
Type: Character Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 6 Skill: 8 Icons: (T)(T)(C)(C)(A)
Game Text:
Ancient One.
Villainous. Invulnerability.
Action: Pay 2 to put into play any number of Dark Young characters from your hand and discard pile.
Set: TC
Number: 114
Illustrator: Matthew Starbuck


Any number? Am I misreading this, or is this rather potent?
Apr 27 2015 03:31 PM

You're not misreading it. She's really powerful for that one shot once she's in play.  Problem is that by the time you get a domain to 6 resources, play her, the trigger the ability, the game is pretty much already over anyways.

It's theoretically possible to do on turn 1.


Use Ambush to put Arthur Todd into play. Sacrifice him to play Shub from your 1 resource domain, then use her ability on the 2 resource domain you made that turn to get all your Dark Young out the deck.


Possible, but improbable ;)

It's hand and discard pile though, not deck.  Early in the game you're unlikely to have many Dark Young in either and forgoing more affordable characters to pack maximum Dark Young into the deck has its own drawbacks.


It's certainly a good ability as a late-game bomb though.  If you can last that long, and aren't already winning, you likely will be afterward.

Apr 28 2015 01:46 PM

Use Ambush to put Arthur Todd into play.

Just FYI, Ambush doesn't actually put cards in to play. Rather, it lets you play a character outside of the Operations phase, but you still have to pay for it in full.

Overall I've just done really badly with my suggestion, haven't I gents. Must be slipping!!

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