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Springfield M1903

Springfield M1903

Springfield M1903

Type: Support Faction: The Agency
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Attachment. Weapon.
Attach to a character you control.
Attached character gets +2 skill and gains (C)(C).
Set: TC
Number: 103
Illustrator: Jason Caffoe


Seems nice. Undercosted?
It's pretty nice, but I don't see it showing up in decks all that much. I think maybe it's overlooked due to people wanting immediate wounds from stuff like Shotgun instead but the card seems worthy.
Yeah, I mean, if it were a character instead of a support, I'd be happy to get 2 combat and 2 skill for a cost of one. I guess needing to have a character to attach it to lessens the value a little. Also, combat and skill are not weak points for the Agency. Still, if I had this pack (I don't, yet), I think my Agency dual-faction decks would be very likely to have this as a support unless there were something else I was engineering. You know, "Look out for that Arcane Initiate with the Springfield M1903!"
I'd prefere
Development Camp (DD)
Problem with attachments is that they are destroyed when character wearing them dies or goes insane.

With cost of 1 it might be quite ok'ish, but i'd still pick Development camp for this kind of card, because it can give the icon after opponent chooses defenders and will not be destroyed that easily.

Still agency doesn't have that much trouble with C struggle, but if its Agency support putting it on
Carl Stanford (SoA)
for example would make him even more irritating :)
And attachment interaction with some cards like
Confident Rookie (TPtY)
The Sleeper Awakens! (SoM)
Fixer (SoA)
Might make it preferable.

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