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Bound and Gagged

Bound and Gagged

Bound and Gagged

Type: Support Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Attachment. Condition.
Attach to a character with skill 2 or less.
Attached character is considered to have a blank text box and cannot commit to stories.
Set: TSC
Number: 57
Illustrator: Jarreau Wimberly


FAQ 1.15
blanking also prevents response to blanked cards death
(like cancelling Living Mummy (Core))
Jan 28 2015 08:54 PM
If you use a skill reduing effect such as clover club torch singer to reduce the skill of a character to 2 or below and then attach this to that character. does it stay on the character after the skill reduction effect expired? I say yes, but wanted a more official ruling.
Yes, as per FAQ 2.33

An attachment only checks the requirements for attaching it when the card enters play. For example, if an attachment had the requirement “Attach to a Servitor character,” and if the Servitor character it was attached to later on loses the Servitor subtype, the attachment would still remain.

IMO, the best character blanking card in the game as long as you're running skill reduction along with it. Character can't do anything to get rid of this card.
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Yes, probably my favorite hostile attachment.

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