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Mi-Go Scalpel

Mi-Go Scalpel

Mi-Go Scalpel

Type: Support Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Attachment. Item.
Attach to a Mi-Go character.
Action: Exhaust Mi-Go Scalpel to have attached character gain an icon of your choice for each of your Mi-Go characters in play until the end of the phase.
Set: TSC
Number: 56
Illustrator: Bruce Moffet


Feb 22 2015 04:31 PM

Playing a friend last night on OCTGN and he had this attached.  When he went to use it, he tried to divide up the icons.  Say, for example, he had ten Mi-Gos he wanted six combat and four investigation icons.  I told him they had to all be the same icon.  He could have ten combat or ten investigation.  Correct?

FAQ, page 23:

"If there are two attachments in play,
can Soothsayer (Secrets of Arkham
F10) gain two different icons, say a
terror and a combat, or does she only
gain the same icon regardless of the
number of attachments in play?
Soothsayer reads, “Response: After
Soothsayer commits to a story,
Soothsayer gains an icon of your choice
until the end of the phase for each
Attachment card in play.”
It allows you to choose a single icon and
then it gains one instance of that icon for
each Attachment card in play."
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