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gj - old way first try

Submitted by: icarus911
Submitted: May 28 2014 09:40 PM
Views: 2679
Last updated: May 29 2014 02:57 AM
Category: Greyjoy
Deck Name: gj - old way first try
Deck Contents: Total Cards (62)

House (1)
House Greyjoy (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
The Old Way (FF) x1

Plot (7)
At the Palace of Sorrows (VM) x1
Battle of Oxcross (PotS) x1
Crossing the Mummer's Ford (SoW) x1
Crossing the Ruby Ford (RotK) x1
Shores of Ny Sar (VM) x1
Under the Bridge of Dream (VD) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1

Character (24)
Alannys Greyjoy (ODG) x1
Asha Greyjoy (FF) x1
Baelor Blacktyde (TIoR) x1
Damphair's Drowned (FaI) x3
First Mate (SB) x2
Fishwhiskers (CtB) x1
Gormond Goodbrother (THtW) x1
Gran Goodbrother (AHA) x3
Greydon Goodbrother (TK) x1
Island Refugee (RoW) x3
Maester Wendamyr (KotS) x1
Newly Made Lord (TftH) x2
Qarl the Maid (AJE) x1
The Reader (TGF) x1
Theon Greyjoy (SoW) x1
Wex Pyke (TCP) x1

Location (28)
Captured Cog (AHM) x3
Longship Iron Victory (KotS) x3
Longship Maiden's Bane (AHA) x3
Naval Escort (ASitD) x3
Refurbished Hulk (OSaS) x2
River Blockade (RoR) x2
Scouting Vessel (KotS) x2
Gatehouse (KotS) x3
Shadowblack Lane (Core) x1
Street of Silk (LotR) x1
Street of Sisters (Core) x1
Street of Steel (Core) x1
Sunset Sea (Core) x3

Attachment (0)

Event (10)
Battle for the Shield Islands (TGF) x1
Finger Dance (WLL) x1
Flood Waters (ARotD) x2
Nightmares (LoW) x2
Seasick (KotS) x1
To Be a Kraken (SB) x3

fun fact : i havent built this before,or actually bothered at all.is this build any good?i need to test/tech against it to prepare for regionals.i put most of the warship love i found in the builder.am i missing something?or maybe i put too much of it?i assume running rivers is must for this deck...
Sample Hand Reload
Other Information Income on Plot Cards: 3, 4, 3, 5, 3, 1, 2
Average Plot Income: 3.000
Number of deck cards providing income: 3
Average deck cards income: 1.000
Number of cards providing influence: 3


I have played a similar deck for quite a few games. What ended up wrecking me was Fleeing to the Wall and Attack from the Sea.


I found some of those characters useless because there is not a lot of income on the river plot cards. I used a lot of cheap characters like Distinguished Boatswain, etc for quick resets and to just build my ships up.


I only used 2x Paper Shield, 2x Finger Dance and 2x Flood Waters. I have never seen a need to use any more. Also, look at running an Iron Lore or 2.


I use Pulled from the Rhone instead of Oxcross, but other than that, my plots are the same.


What is devastating is getting your Maiden's Bane blanked, nullified, stolen, etc. That card and the Naval Escorts are HUGE to making an opponent not want to attack or do a lot of math! I have found one way to try to thwart the Maiden's Bane onslaught, is to try to use Outfitted for War.


I also don't see any Iron Mines. It helps with the setup for having more locations.


I am still tweaking this deck constantly and have just put Dagmar in for dominance.


You need 3x Refurbished Hulks in a big way.


I'm toying with putting Dagger Lake Galleys in for the extra "unknown" factor and because I don't like Iron Fleet Scouts. I know they are a great 1 cost ship, BUT with the rivers, I never seem to have any gold laying around to fully take advantage of the card.


You shouldn't need the Sunset Seas as you won't have much of an issue getting cards out. I would try to avoid even most 3 gold cards for more ships. I've been able to survive a Fleeing and an Attack from the Sea BARELY with a ton of ships, even though more than half were wiped out.


You should be able to almost always be able to empty your hand on setup and draw into a ton of more good stuff. If you can get a refugee and a boatswain out on setup, then just keep churning out boats. You should try to get 2 boats out per turn.


Make the opponent the first player and go second. You might want to let some things just go unopposed while building your ships.


Hold Newly Made Lord until your opponent drops a Ghaston Grey, Iron Throne, or any other equally annoying location.


I'm not an expert on this and am changing it all the time. It's not a fast deck, but very annoying to opponents who do not have the plots I mentioned. A Valar does almost nothing since you don't rely on many characters and are fast at resetting. You may need to Valar on turn 2-3 if your ships aren't coming quickly enough.


I credit learning this deck to RemkoLooten who helped me ENORMOUSLY with this type deck and how to play it. I don't know if it's tourney worthy since it can be wrecked with 1-2 cards off the top of my head, but it is fun as hell, if anything just to see your opponent get pissed at all the math! 

i dont play boatswains cause of the abundance of shadows nowdays.

i play more events cause the deck sets up 4-6 and you have the draw from the rivers so they dont clog.

oxcross is there for to be a kraken.

refurbished is good but i have only 6 1-cost and 8-cost ships.i dont want to play 6 limited so maybe i swap in a 3rd instead of the 3rd gatehouse.

i dont like scouts too and i didnt put then in,they seem rredundant.

i dont like iron mines here,i cant think of anyone i want to save beyond alanys.it will be either them or the sunset seas (i dont want many locations leaving play) and since rivers are low on gold i chose the seas.


i've played a couple of matches and the deck is really good.as you said if you play location hate or blank effects you are screwed.it overcame my kothh burn easily cause i got favorable ground canceled twice and it steamrolled my lanni no agenda.i think i really have to tech against seeing my struggle in those 2 games,although i didnt have any answers except 2 favorable ground in burn and 2 condemned by the counsil in the other.

I can see where you are coming from.


Did you get a chance to think about Outfitted for War for your LMBs?


What do you think about the Dagger Lake Galleys? (I haven't added those yet, but am considering it.)


I still like the Boatswains, especially if you can get them out first turn. That's where they seem the most helpful as well as quick restarts at times. They help me empty my hand on setup and hammer just about anything thrown down with having to resolve TOW with a fast first attack.


The other thing I didn't mentioned is getting screwed with Motley, Milk and Bowl of Brown. Those damn cards keep coming up ALL the damn time!


Overall, I like some of your tweaks and will look at incorporating a couple to see how they flow. :)

i never play attachments.they are a liability.galleys seem good on paper but i think i actually have plenty navals already,wouldnt hurt to try it though.


after a couple more games i have come to the conclusion that this is probably the best deck if no one is playing stuff for it in a big tour,but it wouldnt happen probably,cause stuff that stops this hinder bloodthirst too

That's great that it is working. I think it's really fun.


I don't like attachments either, thus I only use one, but I might need to look at doing something else.


Really look back at perhaps trying to fit an Iron Lore or 2 in there. It has really saved my butt when people are relentlessly coming for my LMBs or Escorts.


Iv'e even thrown in an Aeron's chambers in case of the reset as well, so I don't feel so crushed if I have to give up a gatehouse or two. Plus it gives me at least one influence if I need to use it to cancel someone's event.


Anyway, I'm always tweaking, so keep at it and let me know what you come up with as well! Good Luck! :)

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The hulks have the edge here for Old Way, because they can be used on the turn you marshal them and because 2 v 1 is a big difference. Most importantly though, they're warships, which powers up LMB and Naval Escort.
If you're interested in making your setup stronger (which is the main reason to worry about Limited cards) I'd say reducing the number of non-setup cards is a higher priority.
Rivers with Old Way seems to me to be a weaker idea than high initiative plots. Yes, the cards from Rivers are really nice to have, but Greyjoy Old Way is aggro rather than control. If a game goes on too long you give the opponent time to get its location control options or to get its own game plan rolling strong enough to stop you. After all, the LMB / naval escort / Old way combo only kills one character and wins one challenge each turn. For aggo, a claim 2 plot will make that 2 kills per turn guaranteed. For Rivers, its too slow, too late, in my experience.
I'd say lose the Rivers and Flood Water, up Finger Dance to 3x and get 3 Refurbished Hulks, and go with the cheapest characters for a fast setup.
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