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Submitted by: pumouche
Submitted: Jun 03 2014 12:09 AM
Views: 2075
Last updated: Jun 03 2014 03:34 AM
Category: Greyjoy
Deck Name: greyjoy
Deck Contents: Total Cards (67)

House (1)
House Greyjoy (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
A Song of Ice (FaI) x1

Plot (7)
A Time for Ravens (ACoS) x1
Blockade (Core) x1
Fear of Winter (BtW) x1
Summoning Season (Core) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
At the Gates (GotC) x1
Retaliation! (ASoSilence) x1

Character (29)
Balon Greyjoy (FaI) x1
Carrion Bird (ASoS) x3
Coldhands (THtW) x1
Damphair's Drowned (FaI) x3
Distinguished Boatswain (TftRK) x2
Baelor Blacktyde (TIoR) x1
Ice Fisherman (TWoW) x2
Island Refugee (RoW) x2
Maester Murenmure (CbtC) x1
Maester Wendamyr (KotS) x2
Moqorro (VD) x1
Newly Made Lord (TftH) x2
Qarl the Maid (AJE) x1
Samwell Tarly (TRS) x1
The Sparr (APS) x2
Theon Greyjoy (SoW) x1
Wintertime Marauders (ACoS) x3

Location (22)
Bay of Ice (KotS) x2
Captured Cog (AHM) x1
Frozen Sea (TWoW) x1
Gatehouse (KotS) x3
Longship Iron Victory (KotS) x1
River Blockade (RoR) x1
Street of Sisters (Core) x1
Street of Steel (Core) x1
Sunset Sea (Core) x3
The Iron Mines (KotS) x3
The Iron Cliffs (HtS) x1
The Kingsroad 23 (FaI) x3
Iron Island Fiefdoms (KotS) x1

Attachment (6)
Captain of the Iron Fleet (TGM) x2
Burned and Pillaged (FtC) x2
White Raven (TWoW) x2

Event (10)
Green Dream (FaI) x2
Risen from the Sea (KotS) x2
Storming the Shore (FF) x3
Support of the Kingdom (Core) x3

Sample Hand Reload
Other Information Income on Plot Cards: 4, 0, 2, 4, 2, 3, 4
Average Plot Income: 2.714
Number of deck cards providing income: 6
Average deck cards income: 1.000
Number of cards providing influence: 4


This looks really good. I think you could improve the economy even more and improve setups


+1 Bay of Ice

+2 River Blockade

+1 Refugee

You want as many 0-cost cards as possible in choke. 


+1 LIV

You want to draw this consistently so 2 copies are better than 1.


-1 Fiefdom (what do you need influence for? if this is there as a reducer you could use River Row or Street of Silk)

-1 Frozen Sea (probably not needed, if you're choking appropriately then your opponent won't be able to get off too many challenges anyway)

-1 Iron Cliffs (similar to FroSea, you won't need that many saves and you already have 5 nonrepeatables and 3 repeats)


You currently have 17 non-setup cards (20 if you count Coldhands and NML). You should cut that down. In a deck where you want good setups I wouldn't run more than 10. 2X White Raven, 2X Storming, 2X Burned and Pillaged, 2X Risen, 2X NML, 1X Coldhands. That will also help you get your deck size down to 60 cards.