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Martell MP v2

Submitted by: Locusshifter
Submitted: Mar 28 2012 02:13 AM
Views: 826
Last updated: Mar 28 2012 04:06 AM
Category: Martell
Deck Name: Martell MP v2
Deck Contents: Total Cards (64)

House (1)
House Martell (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
Knights of the Hollow Hill (MotM) x1

Plot (7)
To the Spears! (PotS) x1
Retaliation! (ASoSilence) x1
Mutual Cause (Core) x1
Muster the Realm! (QoD) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD) x1
At the Gates (GotC) x1

Character (32)
Refugee of the Citadel (RoW) x3
Orphan of the Greenblood (PotS) x2
House Dayne Knight (PotS) x2
Lost Spearman (MotM) x3
Carrion Bird (ASoS) x3
Dornish Paramour (TTotH) x3
House Messenger (PotS) x2
Informed Acolyte (TIoR) x2
Underhanded Assassin (TWoW) x3
Darkstar (TftH) x2
Arianne Martell (PotS) x2
Quentyn's Guard (WLL) x3
The Red Viper (PotS) x2

Location (15)
River Row (QoD) x1
Summer Sea (Core) x2
Palace Fountains (PotS) x2
Dornish Fiefdoms (PotS) x2
Alchemist's Shop (OSaS) x2
The Scourge (ODG) x3
Lost Oasis (AToT) x3

Attachment (8)
The Broken Spear (SaS) x2
Tourney Lance (TftH) x3
Poisoned Knife (ASoSilence) x3

Event (9)
Secret Alliance (TBC) x2
Red Vengeance (PotS) x2
The Prince's Wrath (PotS) x2
Burning on the Sand (RotO) x3

General control elements and combat enhancements
Sample Hand Reload
Other Information Income on Plot Cards: 3, 4, 3, 5, 2, 4, 3
Average Plot Income: 3.429
Number of deck cards providing income: 0
Average deck cards income: 0
Number of cards providing influence: 4