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dotrhaki v2

Submitted by: Jeeqqq
Submitted: May 22 2014 06:46 PM
Views: 1755
Last updated: May 25 2014 02:08 AM
Category: Targaryen
Deck Name: dotrhaki v2
Deck Contents: Total Cards (60)

House (1)
House Targaryen (Core) x1

Agenda (0)

Plot (7)
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Manning the City Walls (CD) x1
Muster the Realm! (QoD) x1
Selmy's Scheme (TGF) x1
The King's Law (KotStorm) x1
Summoned by the Conclave (AHA) x1
Twist of Fate (APS) x1

Character (35)
Aggo (RoR) x2
Bitter Crone (IG) x2
Dothraki Vanguard (FaI) x3
Drogo's Horde (IG) x3
Horseback Archers (QoD) x1
Jhogo (OSaS) x2
Pike Phalanx (QoD) x1
Rakharo (IG) x1
Pyat Pree (QoD) x1
Thundering Calvary (QoD) x2
Blood-Crazed Screamer (MotM) x1
Braided Screamers (AToTT) x3
Dothraki Handmaiden (DB) x2
Dothraki Outrider (AToTT) x2
Khal Drogo (QoD) x1
Killer of the Wounded (QoD) x2
Refugee of the Plains (RoW) x3
Alleras (AHA) x1
Coldhands (THtW) x1
Ygritte (THtW) x1

Location (16)
Summer Sea (Core) x3
Street of Steel (Core) x1
Street of Sisters (Core) x1
Khal Drogo's Tent (Core) x1
Vaes Dothrak (IG) x1
Temple of the Graces (Core) x3
Eastern Fiefdoms (Core) x2
Meraxes (TBC) x1
The Kingsroad 23 (FaI) x1
Aegon's Hill (TTotH) x2

Attachment (0)

Event (9)
Deadly Khalasar (IG) x2
Ride Them Down (ODG) x2
Paper Shield (QoD) x2
Incinerate (VM) x2
Wedding Feast (MotM) x1

Sample Hand Reload
Other Information Income on Plot Cards: 2, 1, 5, 4, 3, 4, 5
Average Plot Income: 3.429
Number of deck cards providing income: 5
Average deck cards income: 1.000
Number of cards providing influence: 6


Is this deck for Joust? If yes then your deck isn't legal. Manning the City Walls and Fury of the Dragon are in the restricted list. For more information, check the link. The restricted list is on page 6 & 7.