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Submitted by: Estebiux
Submitted: Apr 17 2014 02:18 AM
Views: 1553
Last updated: Apr 17 2014 03:05 AM
Category: Targaryen
Deck Name: Dragones
Deck Contents: Total Cards (0)

House (1)
House Targaryen (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
Heir to the Iron Throne (QoD) x1

Plot (7)
Muster the Realm! (QoD) x1
A City Besieged (CD) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Threat from the East (QoD) x1
King's Landing Coup (AToTT) x1
Take Them by Surprise (LoW) x1
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD) x1

Character (37)
True-Queen's Harbinger (QoD) x3
Advisor to the Crown (QoD) x1
Grey Worm (QoD) x2
Pike Phalanx (QoD) x2
Initiate of the Citadel (QoD) x2
Long Lances (THoBaW) x2
White Hatchling (QoD) x2
Green Hatchling (QoD) x2
Black Hatchling (QoD) x2
Drogon (QoD) x3
Rhaegal (QoD) x3
Viserion (QoD) x3
Daenerys Targaryen (QoD) x3
Jorah's Cohorts (QoD) x3
Balerion the Black (RotO) x2
Rhaegar Targaryen (BoRF) x2

Location (15)
Summer Sea (QoD) x3
Eastern Fiefdoms (QoD) x3
Meereen (QoD) x1
Great Pyramid (QoD) x1
Khal Drogo's Tent (QoD) x1
The Red Keep (TftRK) x1
Temple of the Graces (Core) x2
Astapor (QoD) x1
Yunkai (QoD) x1
Qarth (QoD) x1

Attachment (10)
Dragon Lore (CbtC) x1
Bastard (LotR) x2
Unburnt (QoD) x2
Dragon Bite (AE) x1
Thirst-for-Vengeance (VM) x1
Rhaegar's Harp (BoRF) x3

Event (7)
Maegi's Promise (QoD) x2
Favorable Ground (QoD) x2
Paper Shield (QoD) x2
Ambush from the Plains (QoD) x1

Sample Hand Reload
Other Information Income on Plot Cards: 5, 4, 2, 4, 4, 5, 4
Average Plot Income: 4.000
Number of deck cards providing income: 3
Average deck cards income: 1.000
Number of cards providing influence: 9