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Targ Conquest Stark - Freezer Burn

Submitted by: PDFresh
Submitted: Apr 01 2014 10:20 AM
Views: 1743
Last updated: Apr 02 2014 03:52 AM
Category: Targaryen
Deck Name: Targ Conquest Stark - Freezer Burn
Deck Contents: Total Cards (63)

House (1)
House Targaryen (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
Conquest (SoW) x1

Plot (7)
Crossing the Mummer's Ford (SoW) x1
Redwyne Straits (FF) x1
Crossing the Ruby Ford (RotK) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
The Power of Blood (Core) x2
Threat from the North (PotS) x1

Character (30)
Aegon Targaryen (SoW) x1
Catelyn Stark (SoW) x1
Coldhands (THtW) x1
Daenerys Targaryen (GotC) x1
Damon Dance-For-Me (VD) x1
Jeyne Westerling (ASoS) x1
Littlefinger (SaS) x1
Lyanna Stark (ODG) x1
Lysono Maar (SoW) x1
Maester Luwin (FtC) x1
Missandei (RotK) x1
Pyat Pree (QoD) x1
Rhaegar Targaryen (BoRF) x1
Robb Stark (LoW) x1
Sansa Stark (AHA) x1
Ser Jorah Mormont (TK) x1
Ser Kyle Condon (APS) x1
Theon Greyjoy (SoW) x1
Tycho Nestoris (SoW) x1
Wyman Manderly (RotK) x1
Bolton Refugee (RoW) x1
Company of the Cat (THoBaW) x3
Dragon Knight (TBC) x2
Fleet from Volantis (RotK) x1
Fleet from Wolf's Den (RotK) x1
Sorrowful Man (APS) x1
Stalwart Shield (ASitD) x1

Location (15)
Braavos (VD) x1
Khal Drogo's Tent (Core) x1
Kingdom of Shadows (KotS) x2
Lord Eddard's Chambers (Core) x1
Norvos (VD) x1
Ocean Road (WLL) x1
River Row (QoD) x1
The Kingsroad 23 (FaI) x3
Tyrosh (AHM) x1
Summer Sea (Core) x1
Kingsroad Fiefdom (QoD) x2

Attachment (10)
Flame-Kissed (Core) x3
Grey Wind (LoW) x2
Harried by Dragons (VM) x3
Poisoned Coin (THoBaW) x1
Shaggydog (LoW) x1

Event (8)
Forever Burning (Core) x3
Paper Shield (QoD) x2
The Hatchlings' Feast (ASitD) x3

Idea was to use to try to use burn effects from each house.
Sample Hand Reload
Other Information Income on Plot Cards: 3, 4, 5, 2, 4, 4, 2
Average Plot Income: 3.429
Number of deck cards providing income: 8
Average deck cards income: 1.000
Number of cards providing influence: 9


Apr 23 2014 03:34 PM
Poisoned Coin is House Stark only